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Simplified Compliance. Built by COMPLY. Powered by ZenLedger.

Experience Digital Asset Trade Monitoring. Bridging the gap between cryptocurrency compliance and regulatory technology.

Providing a software-based solution for self-regulation

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The Industries first fully integrated tool

Digital Asset Trade Monitoring addresses the concerning gap between compliance and the cryptocurrency industry with an automated, instant, solution for enterprise compliance teams.

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Streamlined registration and monitoring

With streamlined digital asset import, the new unified platform will ensure total transparency for employers to comply with current and future SEC or IRS regulations.

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Real-time accuracy

ZenLedger's best-in-class ingestion engine provides real-time accuracy with comprehensive coverage across various digital asset types.

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Reporting & approvals

With pre-clearance and requests available, give employees the freedom they need, while maintaining purview and compliance requirements for your business

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We understand the need for security and maintain SOC 2 Type II compliance to hold the highest standards for your data

Be a leader. Mitigate risks and enhance transparency before it’s a problem.

According to SVB and Alloy, 93% of fintechs paid compliance fines in the last year with 79% of fines being greater than $100,000. (pg 8)

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are rapidly evolving in the financial industry. Regulatory bodies like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are closely monitoring this sector, resulting in increased compliance requirements for individuals and businesses. In the past year, cryptocurrency firms have faced fines of over $10 billion for non-compliance.
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